Freedom from menstrual cramping, headaches and back pain

Every month during my period I would get painful cramps and terrible headaches. I had a numb feeling in my hands and feet. Every year I would be flat out on my back: twice out of the year – pain in my lower back and in the neck.

Since being under regular chiropractic care I don’t have any numb feeling in my hands and feet. I am able to exercise without having to be in any pain. Every month during my period, I do not experience any more cramps or terrible headaches. I can sit in the driver’s seat and turn my head to see my children in the back seat without having to turn my whole body. I can function better and don’t have any problems with my lower back and neck. I can fight off sickness a lot quicker.  Dr. Terry and team thank you for caring for me and thanks for all your support during my care.

Ann M

“The most noticeable change immediately was my hearing . I had to pop my ears daily so as to hear better, I do not have to do that anymore. My daughter is under chiropractic care as well and we are both enthusiastic about our results!”

Pat O

Dr. Terry and his team are always cheerful, happy to see you, very supportive & caring.

I came in with  pain in my right shoulder, and down my arm. I was medically diagnosed with carpel tunnel. I went to a consultation with my husband & asked if chiropractic care could help me. The response was Yes, so I started care as well. I no longer have any trouble sitting at work using the computer all day; carrying & lifting groceries is much easier since I started chiropractic care. I seem to have more energy again. Even when I have a cold & take chiropractic treatments, it helps. I am once again able to enjoy all the things I used to & some additional activities such as rides at Wonderland, and sky-diving which I believe I wouldn’t have done if I had not taken chiropractic treatments to relieve the pain in my shoulder and arm.

I like the cheerful, helpful, accommodating atmosphere every time I come in. All the employees and Dr. Terry are always cheerful, happy to see you, very supportive & caring. It shows & is very contagious every time I come into the office

Mary F

“After starting chiropractic care, we have realized that we were less sick this past winter. I had started chiropractic care since it was pointed out to me that it could help with carpal tunnel. Since I was reluctant to go through carpal tunnel surgery, I gave this treatment a try and I must say my wrists feel great and I don’t notice any carpal tunnel symptoms.

My children also notice a difference. My son sometimes suffered from a stiff neck, but he hasn’t complained about that in a year. My daughter feels good after each treatment.

The staff is very engaging, and always greets us and remembers any activities or discussions we had from the prior visits so that the next conversation feels like a continuation of those discussions.”

Catherine, Averie, Tristan

Chiropractor, whose main goal was improving your health

“I lived with increasing back pain and reached a point where I could barely turn my head to the left (making driving quite difficult!). I got a sore back every time I picked up one of my daughters. Although I had been seeing a chiropractor on occasion, I found that it was time to commit to getting myself back in to shape so that I could run around with my daughters and not feel exhausted or in pain if I picked one of them up to dance with.

After some searching, I found a dedicated and caring chiropractor whose main goal was improving your health. I have been feeling better and better each day ever since. I have even signed up for dance classes at my daughter’s dance studio and hope to be on stage with them performing.  I have been very pleased with all aspects of Dr. Zavitz’s office. The staff are very friendly and welcoming every time I am in the office. Our daughters enjoy the atmosphere and the play area. The patients are treated very well and you know that Dr. Zavitz is genuine in wanting to improve your health and overall well being. He is also great with children and our daughters love their visits to see “Dr. Terry”. I am so happy that we started seeing him and look forward to many years in his care!


“I had chronic sacral-iliac pain, shoulder discomfort and poor posture. I now have no sacral-iliac pain and my shoulder discomfort has also healed. I feel my spine is flexible, healthy and the rest of my body feels open and responsive to treatment and healing.”

Claudia B.

“In 2013, I was diagnosed with  rheumatoid arthritis, and asthma, and in 2005, I was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis.  I was taking medication for these ailments, and even had surgery to alleviate the discomfort of the sinusitis in 2008.  But during surgery complications arose, and it could not be totally completed, and I came out of surgery with high blood pressure.  I have lived with all these ailments worsening for the last 6 years.

I went to Dr. Zavitz’s report of findings to find out about chiropractic care.  I liked what I heard and decided to “give it a try”.

Chiropractic was the best decision I have made in a long time.  Dr. Zavitz and his staff are totally professional, and always make me feel welcome.  And my ailments are all getting better.  The sinus headaches are gone, my movements are crisper and for the most part pain free or at least greatly reduced.

I still take medications for all these things, but finally the pain associated with them is greatly reduced. I know I have a long way to go, but chiropractic has given hope to me, and a goal to be achieved, to be able to play with my grand babies.”

Gary G.

“Last year, at only 24 years old, I was bed ridden at least once a month from major back pains and migraines, not to mention that it seemed like I had at least one cold a month. This winter is a completely different story. In the past year of receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Zavitz I have noticed huge changes in my overall health. My immune system works more effectively than ever, my migraines have almost completely stopped, and my back pains never prevent me from living my every day life. My mom even tells me I look taller!

Notable also, is the level of service provided to patents at Dr. Zavitz’s clinic.  I felt welcome the very moment I first entered the building. The receptionists are always there to greet you by name with a friendly smile, great conversations, and helpful service. Dr. Zavitz himself has a true passion for his profession. He thoroughly explains everything he does, making his patients feel comfortable, valued and well taken care of. 

I could not be happier with my decision to start chiropractic care, but more importantly that I chose to go to Zavitz Family Chiropractic.”

Robyn C

“About 10 years ago I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia. Let me tell you, it is very painful! Medication took the pain away, but not permanently. Whenever I thought possible I would gradually wean myself off of the meds because I hated the side affects. The last time I took the medication was in 2008. When I had again weaned myself off of the medication I vowed I would never take them again. Fast forward to two years ago when I again began experiencing debilitating pain in my face and head. What was I going to do? My daughter who had really been helped by going to Zawitz Family Chiropractic contacted Dr. Terry to question him whether he had been able to help people with trigeminal neuralgia. And if so, would he PLEASE take me on as soon as possible. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Terry and the team at Zawitz Family Chiropractic for their amazing care and support over the past two years. Three months after I started three times a week visits I was clear of the pain from trigeminal neuralgia. What a huge relief to know that I do not have to take those debilitating drugs!

Thank you, Dr. Terry, for your chiropractic treatments and helpful advice. A friend from out of province who recently visited me said that I looked healthier than I had for years! Thank God for that and for your care!

Remember that when you leave this earth, you can take with you nothing that you have received – only what you have given.”  St. Francis of Assisi


“Throughout the years I have had many problem, including having many types of infections and illnesses including ear infection, tonsillitis, pneumonia, bronchitis, back pains from osteoarthritis, a broken pelvis, carpal tunnel in both hands, previous surgery for thyroid cancer causing constant pain in my neck and shoulder area from nerve damage.

Since starting with Dr. Zavitz I have seen so many great changes, I started my care in February of 2011, and within this year have not needed to be on antibiotics once!  I have seen a reduction in the amount of pain and number of days I have pain in my neck and back.  I am now able to work without constant pain and can now walk up flights of stairs in no time.  My husband, sister, niece and father have all seen the great improvement in my health that they started to join me and have all seen major improvements in their health and wellness including migraine relief, high blood pressure reduction, neck and back aches and reduction in viral infection durations.Zavitz family chiropractic staff have been great to everyone in our family, they keep a keen interest in all of their clients and are very inspiring to us.  I look forward to seeing even more wellness in my future as we continue to see results through our maintenance adjustments.  A few minutes a week has forever changed our lives, using my own body as a tool along with some great people.”


“We are in this for life, because I like being able to move without pain! 

Dr. Terry Zavitz is awesome. My family visits the office on a regular basis, we have been seeing Dr. Terry for over a year now. He has helped my husband get back his mobility in his shoulder. He has helped both my girls. Surprisingly we haven’t been sick nearly as often as we used to. I can’t remember when any of us have had a really bad cold. And if one starts we seem to get over it pretty fast.

Speaking for me, I have a lot of spinal issues going back as far as I can remember. I am very thankful to my nephew, Phil and my sister Susan for insisting I get some help. They recommended Dr. Terry to me, I noticed that everything started to improve right away. I don’t know how I managed before seeing the Chiropractor, but I do know that I will always be very grateful for the wonderful, friendly chiropractic service they all give my family, we are in this for life, because I like being able to move without pain.

I like when my daughter does not complain about a migraine headache, and my husband can do things without crying out in pain. And I certainly like that Jessie isn’t bent over when she stands up.

Thank you so much Dr. Terry Zavitz for everything you do to help my family. Get used to us, we will be around for a long time.”

Pat M

“Our son Sandor, has had fluid build up in his ears since he was about 4 months old. This caused him to have major sleep problems, he was up every half an hour throughout the night. He would also fight his naps for more then an hour. Basically as soon as his head would lie down he would cry. Our doctor recommended an ENT (ear nose throat) specialist, to put tubes in his ears. This thought frightened us as no parent wants to see their child go through a surgery at such a young age. We started looking for alternative solutions.

We came across many articles and internet sites that directed us to a chiropractor. We thought we would give it a try. We met with Dr. Zavitz with some hesitation, but after talking with him for about an hour our doubts started to vanish. He told us and showed us exactly what he was going to be doing, and gave us the answer as to why the fluid in our son’s ears had built up. He was very educated in his field and showed knowledge as he answered all our questions. We started there three times a week for about four months. By this time my son was eleven months old. We started seeing improvement around the third week of chiropractic care. My son (Sandor) wasn’t fighting with us to go to sleep anymore. Around the third month of his chiropractic care his sleep behavior started to improve, he wasn’t sleeping through the night but he would sleep in three hour increments. When his specialist ENT appointment came around we were very nervous of the outcome. When Sandor passed all the tests with flying colours, we were tremendously relieved. The fluid that had built up in his ears had all drained. The ENT specialist told us that it was the chiropractic adjustments that had changed the movement in his spine and resulted in the proper function and relaxation of the muscles in his neck resulting in the release of the fluid naturally.

Overall our family would highly recommend chiropractic care to anyone that wants to have an alternative measure to surgery. It helped my son (Sandor) avoid tubes in his ears and helped our family to have a better nights rest.”

“I originally suffered from low back pain and numbness which went into my left hipfor 6 years since the birth of my son. I have been diagnosed with a slipped disc.I tried acupuncture, and massage therapy but it gave only temporary relief.I was on Lyrica to help with the pain. Since starting chiropractic I have had a significant reduction in back pain and no longer have to take Lyrica.I have noticed that I haven’t been sick as much and I can do more including getting back into the gym to exercise.

My son Kyle used to get ear aches and recurring pneumonia yearly.Since being under chiropractic care his ears no longer bother him and he hasn’t had an episode of pneumonia.His lungs are healthier and he has had a lot less sickness. He loves being adjusted because it makes his body feel better!

And my other son, Evan used to get headaches, and growing pains.Since starting Chiropractic care Evan has been sick less often and has not had growing pains, even though he has been growing lots!”


“I have been getting adjustments done here since January, I came in with severe migraines and upper back/lower pain and tightness in my neck. Right away Dr Zavitz put me on a treatment plan that worked right into my schedule and have noticed a huge improvement. I love the office and staff here as they are kind, outgoing and very professional. My overall progress includes a decrease in migraines, no more lower back pain and more movement in my neck. The only thing I regret is not receiving treatment sooner, thank you Dr Zavitz!”

Jessica W.

“I was not sleeping and waking up each morning with pain in all my joints.  I had a sore, stiff neck. I had a tear inside my knee; which was sometimes very painful.  My hips and low back were weak and achy.

It’s been 9 months with chiropractic care under Dr. Terry and I feel so much better!  I no longer wake up with pain in all my joints.  I’m sleeping better and fall asleep sooner.  My neck is no longer stiff and sore.  My low back and hips are stronger – not weak or sore.  My knee does not bother me.  My wrists and hands no longer ache.  I feel all of this happened because of my weekly chiro visits and my regular exercise routine using light weights.  Now my hips and shoulders are even and my posture is straight and I feel healthy and strong.  My health and life have been greatly improved.

Chiropractic helped me.  Give it a try.  I feel so much better and I am still improving.  I trusted Dr. Terry and he figured out how to improve and correct my spine and help me to be healthy.  Thank you Dr. Terry and the team at ZFC.”

Louisa O