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After working with Dr Terry and his team on my health and the health of my daughters for 19 years I can't imagine going to another clinic. Dr Terry is kind, knowledgable and approachable. Before going to him I would lose several weeks a year due to my lower back. With his care I have not lost a day of work for my back in almost 2 decades. His care of my daughters has taught them how to care for their backs and necks. They now ask to see him and look forward to his care.

Do I recommend him and his team ABSOLUTELY! 
~ Techiya Loewen ~

Dr. Meredith Treated me for over 4 years. I saw incredible improvement in my pain, range of motion, ability to workout and play sports, headaches, sinuses and allergies. I have seen a few Chiropractors and other professionals and Dr. Meredith's approach, skills and technique have given me the best results!

~ Jessica Bean ~

My family and I are weekly visitors to Dr. Terry's clinic. He is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and honestly wants each of his patients to be as healthy as they can be. His office is spacious, well lit, and there's plenty of parking. The reception staff are very friendly and easy to talk to. And, unlike some other medical offices, you don't have to wait for hours and hours to be seen. A scheduled appointment with Dr. Terry is actually a SCHEDULED appointment! We can't recommend Dr. Terry enough!
~Steve Blair ~

Dr. Meredith is highly professional and knowledgeable chiropractor.

~ Matt Smith ~

"Now I'm a believer"! Yes, I am converted. At one time I did not understand why a person would regularly go to a chiropractor for adjustments. With Dr. Zawitz's passionate medical advice and help I am being helped with what had become a chronic medical condition and had to go on debilitating drugs. I now understand how important chiropractic adjustments are for keeping our nervous system healthy and for allowing the body to heal itself. The office atmosphere is warm and family friendly. Thank you, Dr. Zawitz, and your wonderful, helpful and friendly staff.
~Elvira Warkentin ~

I had been seeing Dr. Meredith for about 3 years for chiropractic services and highly recommended her. She always took time with me to do adjustments. She is very professional, detail oriented and cares about her patients.

~ Ben Seibert ~

Great overall experience. We started with chiropractic care last year for my 9 year old who was having reoccurring ear infections. Not wanting another surgery for ear tubes, I searched for more wholistic alternative treatments and gave Dr. Zavitz a shot. Fast forward a year, after seeing the results with my son I started attending his clinic as well. My son hasn't needed to see the ETN since and if I miss my adjustment I'm stiff with aches and definitely feel it. Everyone should have the privilege of getting chiropractic care. Thanks Dr. Zavitz and team for being a supportive part of our health journeys !
~Noemi Szonyi ~

I have been Seeing Dr. Meredith For Adjustments for 4 years. My health and back pain immediately improved after my first few visits. I continued to see her just to maintain my newfound strength. I even took my daughter after she was born and she too has gone for chiropractic adjustments throughout her childhood. I highly recommend Dr. Meredith. I have been to other's and she is by far my favorite.

~ Heather Lightheart ~

I've been going to Zavitz Chiropractic for years now and my every day life has improved so much! I used to be in pain all the time and couldn't function on a normal level. My headaches are gone, I can sleep regularly, and physical activity is a possibility now. The team always greets me with a smile and I love their positive attitudes! I will continue to go here for the foreseeable future:)
~Jenica Tan ~

Dr, Meredith is very gentle, precise, personable, and knowledgeable. She knows what she is doing, and also hears you out when you have concerns or changes with your body. You can tell that she genuinely believes in her patients and that she wants to see them well. My experience with Dr. Meredith for all that you do!

~ Autumn Lilly ~

Zavits came highly recommended to me. I had issues with back and neck pain/tingling. With regular adjustments I no longer have pain and my back hasn't gone out at all. The staff are fantastic. Friendly and very accommodating and really care about their customers.
~Angelique Nathalie Coppolino ~

Dr. Meredith is professional, personable, and knowledgeable. She understands what your body needs and will help you accordingly. She is also always willing to help with other things you may not realize is causing your ailments. She's open to discussing things with you about your health anywhere from your diet, to dealing with anxiety and depression. I would highly recommend Dr. Meredith!

~ Shannon McPherson ~

I've been going to chiropractors for over 20 years to treat my lower back issues. Since going to Dr. Zavitz for less than a month my back has never felt better. His pro-active approach (reconstructive chiropractor care) is amazing!!!
~James Gregory ~

Dr. Meredith is a fantastic chiropractor. I have been seeing her for the past few years and she is a great doctor. She genuinely cares about her patients, their well-being and overall health. She is incredibly kind and helps you as a patient understand your spinal health.

She had done the majority of my care while I was pregnant and always made sure I was comfortable and that my adjustments were done with care. 

~ Michelle Seibert ~

This is my third year going with my husband to dr. Zavitz and am much healthier now with his help. Both my husband and I are very satisfied with the results from our visits. I would recommend him to anyone that needs help
~Dale Heaney ~

Dr. Meredith is and incredible doctor. I have been adjusted by many chiropractors and will continue ti do so. Hopefully I can see her again if I drive through Milton! She constantly updates me on recent studies and chiropractic research whenever I see her. Dr. Meredith is kind, honest and takes a great scientific approach. She also gives one perfect neck adjustment! She is well versed in various techniques and has a great way of explaining concepts I am unfamiliar with. She often recommends or works with other types of physicians and medical professionals which is something that is lacking in the medical world today. Hope to see you soon.

~ Brent Moore ~

Have really enjoyed the clinic atmosphere and staff, while Terry continues to keep my back healing and improving. Glad I go there
~Richard Durrer ~

Have been with him for more than a decade .. Good work Dr. Zavitz !!
~Gatot  ~

After visiting Dr. Zavitz for almost a year now I can say that my menstrual cramps have subsided. My cramps have been really bad in the past cause vomiting and near pass out experiences. I'm happy to say I can now function normally when my cramps arise with the help of regular adjustments from Dr. Zavitz!
~Hay Champ ~

Dr. Zavitz and staff are amazing. I’ve learned and experienced the benefits of chiropractic care. In a matter of weeks I felt so much better and not just where I had pain but in every aspect of my body. I highly recommend Zavitz Family Chiropractic.
~James Price~

Everyone here is incredibly friendly, and I have noticed such a drastic improvement in my own health as a result of my treatment here. I am very happy to be a patient at Zavitz Family Chiropractic :)
~Jackie Hamilton~

Dr. Zavitz and his team genuinely care about your health and well being. I had back pain and immobility for years! Dr.Zavitz identified the problem and developed a plan to give me lasting relief. His staff are friendly and his office is spacious and well kept. You can rest assured in the care of Dr. Zavitz and his team!
~Louis Patrick~

Educational, friendly, and caring is how I would describe Zavitz Family Chiropractic. My health has improved significantly since starting chiropractic thanks to Terry's strategic approach.
~James Graham~

A well run efficient office, great staff and a great focus on health
~Doug MacDonald~

This is an office that genuinely cares for their patients. I recommend Dr. Zavitz to my friends, family and all in search of chiropractic care.
~Kyle Campbell~

Exceptional degree of structure and professionalism for chiropractic care. Have been going for regular treatment the past month and already feel the results.
~Kanoa Gaudreault~

I have been going here since Nov. 2016! I have been disabled with back problems & serious pain for 10 years! We are now into Feb. 2017 & I have never felt so much better & happy since 2007! Thanks to Terry & all his staff for keeping me so positive! :-)
~Ruth Bateson~

On the golf course last June after decades of pain, my lower back finally gave up. I never really believed in chiropractors so I went to a doctor. After a very brief examination, he told me I needed to find a chiropractor.

It was by luck and a reference from an acquaintance that I found Dr. Zavitz. As a reconstructive chiropractor, his first step was to X-Ray my spine, The results were very clear and shocking. After a few months, my back now feels better than it has for 30 years.

While the costs seemed high, the way I feel now makes it worth every penny. I never expected that I would live without back pain again.
~Bob Crane~

I have been coming to see Terry and the team at Zavitz Family Chiropractic for just over a year. Their assessments and explanations are very thorough and detailed. A set schedule is outlined from the start and mid point check ins are done to see your progress. I have been able to reduce my back/neck pain since starting my journey at Zavitz! Also, the front desk staff is very helpful and patient when booking and rescheduling appointments.
~Karley Robertson~

The staff is very friendly and knowledgable.
Since starting chiropractic care at Zavitz, I have been gained a greater range of motion and no longer experience knee and neck pain.
As a competitive track athlete, I feel as though Terry's treatment methods have enhanced my ability to train and recovery from hard sessions.
The clinic opens early and is open in the evenings during the week so that patients can go to appointments before or after work.
The office is also conveniently located and easy to access.
~Kate Ayers~

I have been a patient of Dr. Zavitz since roughly May 2017, after being referred by my RMT and several bouts of intense back and nerve pain – to the point I couldn’t drive. What I originally was told to be a ‘slight’ scoliosis (i.e. years ago by a Nurse Practitioner), Dr. Zavitz diagnosed to be moderate to severe in nature via my initial exam and X-ray results. We started treatment right away, and I’m happy to say…my pain, movement, and overall quality of life have significantly improved. Dr. Zavitz and his staff Tracey, Laura, and Shelby, are knowledgeable and friendly. The office is conveniently located and offers flexible hours, and even though it’s a clinical practice, it feels like home. Even if you don’t suffer from chronic pain, I highly encourage a proactive consult – chiropractic care has changed my life for the better!
~Tania John~

In all my life, I have never had any serious back pains. However from time to time i would feel some pain in my shoulders, neck, and numbing of my hands. My relief would simply be a good night sleep and all would be fine.

After meeting Dr. Zavitz early July, he took the time to explain what Chiropractic was, and provided a thorough explaination of what health was. This was quite impactful to me because it gave me a different perspective of what health was that I've never heard before. He helped to identify the problems with my spine and provided a personal health care plan to help correct these problems. My spine was shifted to the left and my neck was forward than it was suppose too. These misalignments may have contributed to my periodic pains around my shoulders and neck area and possibly numbing of my left hand that I had felt in the past few years.

I've been following his care plan for approximately 5 months and have seen improvements in the way I feel. I am more aware of how I position my neck and do not feel any shoulder or neck pains as I use too. I still have a ways to go before I am.fully recovered but this has been a great start!

If I could give them 6 stars or more I would, as it is well deserved by the caring nature of Dr. Zavitz and his staff! Dr. Zavitz and his team has always provided a welcoming, positive, and cheerful environment that instantly brightens your day when you come for your adjustments. I'd highly recommend paying Dr. Zavitz a visit if you are experiencing any back pains, I'm confident he can help!
~Newton Tran~

The care I get at Zavitz Family Chiropractic is wonderful. I feel like I'm going to my second home when I am there. The staff is so friendly and helpful, and its a beautiful clinic. Dr. Zavitz really takes the time to know you and address you specific health concerns at each visit, and will change the adjustments based
on how your body is feeling. Overall, great clinic and great team!
~Mia Brown~

My family and I are weekly visitors to Dr. Terry's clinic. He is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and honestly wants each of his patients to be as healthy as they can be. His office is spacious, well lit, and there's plenty of parking. The reception staff are very friendly and easy to talk to. And, unlike some other medical offices, you don't have to wait for hours and hours to be seen. A scheduled appointment with Dr. Terry is actually a SCHEDULED appointment! We can't recommend Dr. Terry enough!
~Steve Blaire~

I enjoy the chiropractic experience at this particular clinic. There is plenty of parking, there are monthly patient themes, patient(s) of the month, the right balance of use of technology with the human touch and a truly personal experience. Dr. Zavitz and his fine staff know you by name and are always accommodating. They have the patient's best interests at heart and aim to keep them well.
~Adrian De Silva~

Dr. Terry and the team at ZFC are terrific. First, my chiropractic care has been tremendously helpful, allowing me to function to capacity almost all the time. When I do have a set back, Dr. Terry gets me back to full function quickly in a manner that fits my lifestyle. But it is not just the doctor - everyone in the office is friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and efficient. If you understand the value of chiropractic, you will love the care at Zavitz Family Chiropractic. If you don't understand the value yet, there is no better place to experience how chiropractic can be a fundamental plank in your platform for wellness.
~Jim Brown~

I have been getting adjustments done here since January, I came in with severe migraines and upper back/lower pain and tightness in my neck. Right away Dr Zavitz put me on a treatment plan that worked right into my schedule and have noticed a huge improvement. I love the office and staff here as they are kind, outgoing and very professional. My overall progress includes a decrease in migraines, no more lower back pain and more movement in my neck. The only thing I regret is not receiving treatment sooner, thank you Dr Zavitz!
~Jessica Webster~

I have been going to Dr. Zavitz for several years. Dr Zavitz only wants what is best for your long term health. He does a complete check on your first visit which includes X-rays. He regularly reviews your results in detail with you and then allows you to come up with a revised plan that is best for you. There is no judgement or guilt when I miss my appointments or don't do my exercises. I am always welcomed with a friendly, caring, smile from both Dr Zavitz and his amazing team. Not only do I no longer have back issues or headaches but the majority of my other aches and pains have also disappeared. I refer all of my friends and family to Zavitz Family Chiropractic because I know that Dr Zavitz will take great care of them too.
~Amanda Jennifer~

Been at it with Dr. Zavitz for just about 2 months now, and I could feel the adjustment benefits almost immediately. Super stiff neck constantly, some upper back pain, tennis elbow like symptoms and headaches were all accumulating into one big mess and I could no longer just pretend that I would "get over the hump" and things would be okay eventually. He and his staff pointed out some abnormalities in my posture, and neck/back alignment, and with some hesitance (which I think is normal when signing up for something foreign) agreed to move forward with them.

The first adjustment had me asking myself why I didn't do this sooner: I could actually turn my head pain free, severe headaches slowly disappeared, as did my left shoulder pain, and next in my sites is my ongoing elbow issues, which I feel have already started to heal (again...slowly...these things take time, but completely worth the effort).

Super friendly and down to earth staff, right on a major bus route, and lots of of parking as well.

I'm actually excited to see where I can get to in the next few months just keeping at the exercise routine, and regular adjustments. Well worth it, and I don't even have benefits or any kind of plan.
~Ryan Turner~

When I first heard Dr. Terry explain the mechanics of subluxations and the resultant dis-ease, a light bulb went on.
My family and I have had regular chiropractic care at ZFC since 2009. I have noticed a huge difference in our abilities to fight off common illnesses. In our family of four, none of us have had the flu (or the flu shot) in the time we have been under Dr. Terry's care. Our immune systems are strong and we rarely experience any illnesses or require sick days (and we work in "germ factories" - grade school and medical office). Our 11th grader has not missed a day of school due to illness in more than 4 years.
The office has a great, friendly atmosphere. As patients, we are genuinely cared for by Dr. Terry and the staff.
~Katie Cook~

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